How To Use



Charge Sonny using the provided USB-C cable and USB wall adapter. The white pulsing light will indicate your device is charging.


Fill with water

Push downward on the back of the Micro Shower to eject the canister. Fill the canister with water. It will “click” back into place when reinserted.


Turn on

Push the slider upwards to expose the nozzle. A white LED light will indicate that the device is on and ready for use.



After using the restroom, invert the Micro Shower, point towards your nether regions (either from the front or the back) and press the multi-mode power button within the slider to activate water flow.


Pat dry

Using measurably less toilet paper, pat dry. Feel clean and refreshed!


To clean or change nozzle head

To change or clean the bidet nozzle head, gently apply pressure upwards. Insert new nozzle head by pressing downwards till it clicks in place.

Water, the natural solvent

Water is often referred to as the “universal” solvent, because of it’s ability to dissolve most substances. The Sonny Micro Shower harnesses this natural and sustainable solvent to offer you the cleanest bathroom experience, no matter where you are.

Sonny Microshower

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