Sonny Microshower Sonny Microshower Sonny Microshower Sonny Microshower Sonny Microshower Sonny Microshower Sonny Microshower Sonny Microshower

Sonny Microshower

Portable Bidet



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  • + No Installation
  • + 3 Week Charge
  • + Great for the planet
  • + Made with antibacterial materials
  • + Easy to clean
  • + 2 Spray settings: Standard, High
Sonny is the world’s first portable bidet—the cleaner and more sustainable alternative to toilet paper and wipes. It’s small enough to take with you in a bag, and discreet enough to place on a bathroom counter. Designed in collaboration with Box Clever (Away, Nebia), Sonny is intuitive to use, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed. Author Rose George put it best: “You wouldn’t shower with a dry towel; why do you think that toilet paper cleans you?”

Perfect for:
— Those seeking a superior clean
— Eco-conscious buyers
— New mothers
— New babies
— That time of the month
— Travelling
— Camping
— Pre & post intimacy
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The nozzle head can be removed and cleaned with soap and water. The exterior housing can be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp lint-free cloth. We recommend using a light 70 percent isopropyl alcohol based cleanser (similar to our Sonny cleansing spray). Please make sure to unplug all cables before cleaning. Do not submerge your device in any cleaning agents.

Height: 8.9 inches

Width: 1.6 inches

Weight: Device: .5 lbs / Charging Base: .3 lbs

Materials: Aluminum

Power: USB–C to USB–A

Charge Level Indicator: White LED indicates 20% charge and up. Orange LED indicates below 20% charge.

Nozzle Cap: Replaceable. Four 0.4mm holes.

A Clean Conscience

With your Sonny purchase, in just one day* you can help save your portion of:

36.5 Billion rolls of toilet paper used annually 1

15 Million trees deforested annually 2

1.297 Billion gallons of water used annually 3

88 Million lbs of greenhouse gases produced annually 4

Why Sonny

3 week charge

1 hour of charging. provides approx. 3 weeks of twice a day use. Works with any USB power adapter.

Precision spray nozzle

Nozzle features high-pressure flow rate and antibacterial coating.

No spills, no worries.

Nozzle head retracts and safely locks into aluminum housing when not in use.

No installation. Ready to go, out of the box.

The Microshower comes with a charger and stand for easy storage.

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Eco Friendly

All Around The World

Bidets are fast becoming recognized as the superior bathroom solution. But many countries have been wise to the effectiveness and resource efficiency of bidets for decades and even centuries. We want to demystify the bidet in the West.